Opening a bank account

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Opening a bank account


To have a free telephone plan I have to :

• Open a bank account in France
• Give a copy of my bank details to Bouygues Telecom


To open a bank account I go to the bank
The bank will ask me for identity documents

To prove my identity I can show them :

• My identity card or my passport or my valid residence permit


To prove that I have accommodation in my own name
The bank will ask me for one proof of address

Proof of address can be shown with :

• My tax declaration : this is my last tax return
• My last rent receipt : this is the document given to me by my landlord when I pay my rent
• My last gas, water or electricity bill
• My last landline or internet bill


If I do not have any accommodation in my own name
I can request a residence certificate from :

CCAS Community Centre for Social Action
CIAS Intercommunal Centre for Social Action
The Red Cross can give me the addresses for CCAS or CIAS
I can also look on the internet


If the bank agrees to open my bank account
The bank will give me a RIB

A RIB is a ‘relevé d’identité bancaire’ : a bank identity statement
This is the document which proves that I do have an account with this bank

I have to show my RIB (bank identity statement) in order to have a free telephone plan with Bouygues Telecom


What is an RIB (bank identity statement) for ?

• To receive money to my bank account
such as my salary or family benefits

• To withdraw money from my account
to pay for my water bill or rent, for example


If the bank refuses to open a bank account for me
They have to give me a certificate saying that they have refused to open an account

I can ask the Banque de France for help
The Banque de France can choose a bank which is obliged to open a bank account for me

In order for the Banque de France to be able to help me, I have to give them these documents :

• Certificate of refusal to open an account
• My identity documents
• My last proof of address
• A sworn statement
This is a document in my name in which I confirm that I have no bank account
• The application form for the right to an account which can be downloaded from the website of the Banque de France or via this address :

If the Banque de France agrees to choose a bank
They will send me an email with the name of the bank
I have to give this email to the bank so that they can open my bank account


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