Bouygues Telecom launches Giga Gifts with the French Red Cross

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What are Giga Gifts?

Bouygues Telecom is carrying out an act of solidarity with the Red Cross
Bouygues Telecom is offering the Red Cross:

• 10,000 new smartphones
• 20,000 free plans of 20GB (Gigabytes)

The Red Cross will then give the smartphones and free plans to people who need them.
These people will be able to use the free plan and keep the smartphone.


What are smartphones and phone plans used for?

A smartphone is a telephone that is used:
• To make telephone calls
• To send messages
• To go onto the Internet to view emails, to search and to download apps.


The telephone plan:

You have to put the SIM card into the smartphone to activate your telephone plan.

Once the plan is activated, you can phone someone that you love,
reconnect with a friend, follow the news, do some training and find
entertainment …


How do you use your phone plan?

You need to follow the instructions included in the SIM card letter.
To help you, you have the form ‘Activating my SIM card’.
Everything is done on the telephone; you do not need to send any papers.

To use your plan you will need:

• bank details with your name (RIB)
This is the document with your bank account number
• an email address


Do you need help?

Bouygues Telecom has created some helpsheets to assist you

For example:
• Using my Alcatel 1S smartphone
• Activating my SIM card to use my smartphone
• My telephone plan
• Downloading an application
• Checking my usage
• Opening a bank account
• Internet words and expressions

To read these helpsheets, you can :
• Go onto the internet and visit the web address:
• Ask the French Red Cross to give you the sheets

The Red Cross can also help you to use your telephone.


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