Checking my usage

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I have a telephone plan with Bouygues Telecom
Checking my usage


My package/plan gives me up to 20 Gigabytes (GB)
This means that I can use up to 20GB of Internet each month

When I use my plan to go online
I use Gigabytes

To see my usage, i. e. how many GB I have left
I can download the Bouygues Telecom application (app)

To help me to download an application
I use the form Downloading an application

To download the application to view my GB usage
I go to Play Store or App Store on my smartphone
I write Espace client Bouygues Telecom (Bouygues Telecom customer area) into the search bar

App Store (iPhone)
Play Store













I download the app
I click on Créer mon compte

I write my identifiant
This is my telephone number

I write my surname

I click on Valider






I click on Mes lignes to view information about my plan and about my telephone

I click on Factures to download and view my bills

I click on Ma conso to view my usage and to see how many Gigabytes of Internet remain

I click on Assistance if I need any assistance about my plan or my telephone

I click on Infos perso to view my address or my bank details (RIB)

I click on Shopping to change my plan or telephone

I click on Commandes to track my telephone or Internet orders

I click on Boutiques to view the nearest Bouygues Telecom store to me

I click on Gestion Bbox to view my Internet package







To view my plan usage
I click on My usage (ma conso)
The page My usage will open

I can view how many Internet GB I have used

I can view how many call minutes I have used

I can view if I have exceeded my plan
Only for plans which are set to a limit










I click on Assistance for assistance

The help page opens

I click on Assistance Mobile
to have help about my smartphone or my SIM card

I click on Mode d’emploi to view how to use my smartphone

I click on Perte/Vol to declare the loss or theft of my smartphone

I click on Débloquer ma SIM
If I enter the wrong PIN code three times, my SIM will be blocked
I can unblock my SIM with the PUK code which is here

I click on Déverrouiller mon mobile
if my SIM card does not work
I can unlock it by clicking here

I click on Activer ma carte SIM
to activate my SIM card and my phone plan

I click on Commander une SIM
If I have a problem with my SIM card
I can order a new one.





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