How can I access my social rights (what I am entitled to) online ?

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How can I access my social rights (what I am entitled to) online ?

I can view my social rights (what I am entitled to) on the internet
with my telephone or a computer

What are my ‘social rights’?

The right to social security for my health
The right to work, job centre
The right to family allowance, the CAF (family allowance fund)

Social security is health insurance

If I have been living in France for more than 3 months,
I have the right to social security
Social security will cover my healthcare costs
That means that if I am unwell :
• I do not have to pay the doctor
• I do not have to pay for prescriptions

When I have the right to social security
• I have a social security number
• I have a ‘carte Vitale(a health insurance card)
which shows :
• a photo of me
• my social security number

My social security number is very important
I will need it for all my healthcare documents

I can now access my account and see all my steps
• on the website



• on the mobile telephone app


To set up my online account :

• I go to the website

• I click on the pink box Compte Ameli



I click on Je crée mon compte

A new page will open :
• I write my name
• My social security number
• My date of birth
• My postcode

I click on continuer


I can now access my account
and see all my steps

Pôle emploi

The job centre assists jobseekers in finding work.
To receive unemployment benefit, I have to register
with the job centre.

I can register on :
• the website

• the mobile telephone app

Setting up my job centre account :
• I click on Connexion
on the home page
• I click on Candidat

To look for job offers
• I write my first name and surname
• My date of birth
• My address

To register as a jobseeker
• I click on m’inscrire; a welcome page will open
• I click on the video to see how to register

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF)

The CAF (Family Allowance Fund) pays benefits such as :
• Housing benefit (APL : aide personnalisée au logement)
• Income support (RSA : aide de Revenu de solidarité active)

In order to receive APL and RSA :
• I have to apply to the CAF
• I have to fill out a file

I can apply on :

• The website



• The mobile phone app




I apply on :

On the homepage of the website
• I go all the way down
• I go to services en ligne

• I click on demander une prestation


• I click on Cliquez ici





I choose what to apply for
• I click on my choice
• I click on Faire la demande

• I fill out the forms
• I download the forms
• I print the forms
• I send the forms to CAF by post

When I have finished my application, CAF will give me my welfare number
To access my CAF account online CAF will also give me a personal number and a password.


I pay tax if I work in FranceTo view my information online, I can go to :

• le site



• l’application mobile


To help me to download an app to my telephone
I use the form Downloading an app

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